Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day Treats

Well, I know this may be a little late, but I here are a few treats I made last week to share with my knitting group and everbody loved them! If you haven't guessed they're red velvet cupcakes with the real red velvet icing. Not nasty cream cheese icing... in my opinion cream cheese should not come any where near red velvet cake.
Although I used a box this time (food dye is really expensive for a college student). I usually make it from scratch which is definately better. My trick with boxes is to add a box of instant vanilla pudding to the dry ingredients which keeps the cake nice and moist.
Here is recipe that is better than a box any day that I pulled off the internet:

1/2 cup shortening
1 1/2 cups sugar
2 eggs
2 tablespoons cocoa
1 1/2 oz red food coloring
1 teaspoon salt
2 1/2 cups flour
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 cup buttermilk
1 teaspoon soda
1 tablespoons vinegar
Cream shortening; beat in sugar gradually. Add eggs, one at a time; beat well after each addition. Make paste of cocoa and food coloring; add to creamed mixture. Add salt, flour and vanilla alternately with buttermilk, beating well after each addition. Sprinkle soda over vinegar; pour vinegar over batter.
Stir until thoroughly mixed. Bake in 3 8-inch pans or 2 9-inch pans for 30 minutes at 350°. Or about 20 minutes for cupcakes. Let cool completely before frosting.
Here is the recipe for the icing:


1 c. sugar1 tsp. vanilla3 tbsp. flour1 c. butter1 c. vitamin D whole milk (too runny if you use other)
Cook flour and milk in double boiler until thick, stirring constantly. Cool. Cream sugar, butter and vanilla until as fluffy as possible. Blend cooked mixture with creamed.
This icing must stay refrigerated, will fall apart at room temperature.

Well I hope everbody's Valentine's Day was great and full of love. Unfortunately this year mine was not nor even close. After about a year and a month my boyfriend decide he wanted to end our relationship. I am completely heartbroken and I miss him. We both still love each other and care a lot for the other person, but Wes feels as if it's time for him to leave the relationship. This break up is reall hard for me. Wes was my longest relationship to date, and I really couldn't picture my life without him. It's a long and complicated matter and I wouldn't want to bore you so I'll leave it short.

Now for current knitting news: I started a new and challening project. I'm doing two socks at once using magic loop. This my first time doing two socks at once and magic loop so this will be good learning experience. I'm already pass the toes and it's coming nicely. So look forward to hearing more about it in the future.


gardenguy42 said...

Sorry to hear about your breakup -- they are always hard, whether you are 20 or 45. Learn from the process and grow in love.

The cupcakes look great and thanks for the recipe! I can't wait to try it. I also hate the cream cheese icing and prefer the "real" icing.

Take care and keep knitting! As Elizabeth Zimmerman said: “Knit On, with confidence and hope, through all crises.”

Asbjörn said...

Too true about authentic red velvet cake frosting, I was just having this very rant the other day after reading old New York Times article about red velvet cakes (they were in favor of cream cheese frosting which IMHO only belongs on carrot cake). I just baked a red velvet cake for tomorrow's Easter dinner with real frosting.