Saturday, March 1, 2008

Presents and such.

So, Yay! I got presents in the mail today from my lovely friend, Rave over at I entered into a drawing of a few members who were giving away extra drop spindles and I won. I feel so lucky. Not only did Rave give me a drop spindle but gave me some roving to go with it. Yay I need lots of practice but that's to be expected of a newbie spinner. Just look at how awesome the spindle is and the lovely roving. Thanks again, Rave!!!!

Oh, and more detail on the briefness of my last post. I shared pics of the bday scarf I made for my friend Carlynn last weekend. It was a simple crocheted scarf where I did rows alternatively of double crochet and then single crochet back with bulky yarn and a size K crochet hook. The yarn was Bernat Naturals Alpaca in natural (which is a alpaca/acrylic blend), and Lionbrand Jiffy in Green Apple (100% acrylic). It only took me about a day to crochet and was completely last minute. Not too bad for my first real crochet project. Kyle (from Kyleknits) also asked about the hat I was wearing in the picture which is my version of swell made in the Lionbrand jiffy. I just changed the stranding design. I made that hat back in August 07 and it gets a lot of wear. I know the scarf matched perfectly with it, but I feel good giving it away to a good friend. I know she'll love it.

Now I am also making two toe-up socks on one needle using lionbrand sock yarn in the jelly bean stripes color way which were also pictured. I am about half way up the legs in 2x2 ribbing. Theses are very belated v-day pres. for my bff, Sarah. This technique is a little fidgety but once you get it down it's not bad at all. This was my first time doing magic loop and two socks on one needle. I think it came out all right, even though I think I screwed up the short row heel cause there's slight holes at the ankles.

Also last week, I finished the ugly yellow, orange, and red hat for my sisters friend.

My current knitting is: I'm working on completing those socks, and I'm also working on a pi shawl blanket in a silvery grey acrylic. I think the yarn might be caron simply soft and I'm using size 10 needles. I have laid off the smokin' jacket even though I need to get back to it. all I have to do is the button bands and the collars then I'll be done. I think knowing that it'll be too big has deterred me from working on it. But I will eventually get back to it. I may double breast it so that it fits better. We'll see. Okay well that's all for now and I know there has to be some readers out there so please leave comment cause I love them!

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rick said...

Just a thought on the Smokin' jacket. Is it possible to take in the sides a bit and machine sew them? You could even hem it similarly if it's too long. I don't know if it's feasible, but an idea that popped into my head none the less.