Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ok, ok......

Yes, I know. I've been gone for a fairly long time; around 3 months or so. Though that is life, I guess. Don't worry, that three month span has not been knit less. I've had several various projects going on.
Here are is one FO I finished about a month ago or so. These are a pair of 1oo% alpaca socks on size 1 needles with Frog Tree Hill sport weight alpaca (which I think is more of a lace/sock weight). They are very comfy and luxurious all though I will have to wait till fall to wear them again. They worked up fairly quick too. I must be a fairly loose knitter because on size ones I only really needed 52 stitches total.

Here is a wip progress of my own design which I will most likely write up a pattern and post it soon once I get all the kinks worked out. These are a pair of fingerless mitts with an after thought thumb that are inspired by the jay walker socks. They yarn I am using is a lace weight superfine cashmere spun up by my LYS (YarnSmiths) in the color way called "hunter's glen". I think they are very pretty and fitting for both a guy or girl. On my first one I used a size 4 needle with 56 stitches not exactly sure what my gauge was. It was fairly loose but still fit though I wasn't happy with the result. I also should have made them about an inch longer on top. I like my fingerless mitts to come up right below the middle knuckles. So on the second mitt I am using a US size 3 needle and will knit it a little longer. I will eventually frog the first one and re knit it with the size 3. I really love these mitts and am excited about sharing the patter with everyone. The cashmere is so nice too, and I love the colorway! It's gorgeous.

I also have several other wip's going as well. I am finally making myself a knitting bag out of cascade 220 which will eventually be felted. I am using a light brown/beige color and a darker chocolate brown on size US 10 needles. This project is being stranded with a diamond motif. There will eventually be pictures... I did have some but I frogged the first draft and started over. Originally I was knitting the bag on a 6 or 7 needle and that was just taking forever so I switch to 10's and I also switched motifs as well. The original bag was going to be hounds tooth, but I didn't like how it was turning out and really didn't know if the pattern would be clear after felting. So I switched to diamonds which are easy and I think will be clearer after being felted.

I am also working on two different blankets right now. One I'm going to keep secret for now because I eventually will share the pattern with you which is of my own design. The second one has a little bit of story about it. About a month ago I got huge present from a good friend. She went to a yard sale and says she has a surprise for me. So I met her after work one day, and she gives me literally a trunk load of various colored acrylic yarn. I vary graciously took it. Though now I have the problem of figuring out what I'm going to do with that much acrylic yarn. I did a ravelry search and found this basic crochet pattern for a vintage vertically striped blanket. I hoping this will cut down some of the bulk although I know it won't make too huge of dent. So are there any other suggestions out there for projects and such to where I can destash?

All right well I think I am going to end this post here. I will post soon updating on how my life is going at the moment and what's been happening with me in the last 3 months. Also I have been tagged by tycho for a meme so I will probably fill that out as well.